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Artist: Marcella Ruble

marcella ruble

Each piece in the necklaces is individually hand crafted. For this series, Marcella made molds from a selection of nuts and berries. After the molds are poured, each piece is individually finished, cleaned and fired in the kiln up to four times. This time intensive technique provides a unique combination for each necklace. Each is cast in a low fire white clay, then glazed with a selection of glazes and finally with a variety of lusters. The necklaces are assembled on a leather cord with sterling silver clasps.

To make the necklaces shorter, add knots in the cord nearby the clasp. This variety of possible lengths provides more alternatives for wearing the necklaces either under collars or closer to the neck, depending on your outfit.

510 Strawberry
Ceramic Strawberry Necklace
  • (Item #N-510)

Artist: Marcella Ruble

9 Berries Glazed w/ Luscious Red & Luster Green

Length: 20" (6.5 oz.)

513 Lychee
Ceramic Lychee Nuts "Indian Summer" Necklace
  • (Item #N-513)

Artist: Marcella Ruble

9 Nuts, Length: 18" (4 oz.)

Ceramic Peanuts "Toasty Oatmeal" Necklace
  • (Item #N-518)

Artist: Marcella Ruble

11 Nuts, Length: 17" (2.5 oz.)

520 Peanuts
Ceramic Peanuts "Creamy Banana" Necklace
  • (Item #N-520)

Artist: Marcella Ruble

11 Nuts, Length: 24" (2.5 oz.)

530 Walnuts
Ceramic Walnuts "Creamy Banana" Necklace
  • (Item #N-530)

Artist: Marcella Ruble

9 Walnuts, Length: 20" (5 oz.)