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Past Exhibition

Dave McCoyOctober 2, 2010 - November 3, 2010

Dave McCoy: Wild Eyes in the Sierra Skies




During his years building the ski resort, Dave used a Leica camera to document history. From ski racing, to lift building, family and landscape photography, Dave captured it all with that camera. Then, upon his departure from the ski resort, his longtime friends gave him a gift that would define his post-ski-resort management years and give his passion for life a different path on which to travel. “Instead of a watch, they gave me a digital camera,”McCoy says.

A longtime motorcycle enthusiast, bike rider and backpacker,  Dave and his wife Roma now spend much of their time traversing the Eastern Sierra on Rhinos, which are side-by-side all-terrain vehicles. Now, with the camera, Dave could capture images from places very few people have been and even fewer have caught on camera. This evolved into more than a hobby. It became a record of life for the McCoy family, and a testament to Dave’s insatiable appetitive for truly living each day to its utmost.

With the help of the Mammoth Lakes Foundation, which Dave started in 1989 to promote education and the arts in the Eastern Sierra, Dave prints and frames many images from his massive digital catalog. Each year his photography becomes better, and his image-making process becomes more refined.

He sells much of his best work there and at several businesses around Bishop and Mammoth. He donates the proceeds to the Mammoth Lakes Foundation. The Foundation, located in Mammoth, supports education and arts in the Eastern Sierra.

“The family and the community were always a big part of our success, as they helped play in the big sandbox as well,” McCoy says. “It shows that no man does anything alone. Now, my camera’s eye keeps making the Eastern Sierra a place for all of us to enjoy.” And remember.