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Lois Howard
Past Exhibition

Lois Howard - Paintings

July 23, 2011, September 17, 2011

Lois Howard: Paintings



Lois Howard’s paintings display her lifetime pursuit of self-expression. These paintings are reflective of this complex woman who studied and painted around the world. She captured an objective expressionism that presents us with abstract symbols and images which allow the viewers to inject their own meaning and understanding into these compelling works.

Lois Howard developed a desire to paint out of her love of flowers, and her in-terest in Ikebana, the art of Japanese flower arranging. She studied Ikebana in Japan and became fluent in its language and culture. While getting a degree in political sci-ence at UCLA, she also minored in fine arts. Later she attended the University of Bern in Switzerland, where she studied international economics. Her quest for knowledge coupled with a world view enabled her to have a complex and creative perspective on life and her art. She also painted under the tutelage of Tom Wudl, as well as Anne Marie Evans, world recognized artist, instructor and founder of the Botanical Painting Diploma program in London, England. Lois' paintings displayed her synthesis of these varied styles and skills into her own personal statement.

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