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Marcella Ruble

Marcella conceived of the site sculptures in 1997, soon after she settled into her Los Angeles home which has an incredible view. Using lusters fired over matte glazes on her sensual ceramic forms, Marcella created one-of-a kind trapezoidal box-like sculptures ranging in size from knee-high to less than a foot. They were abstract landscapes - part city, part skyline, part nature, reflecting what she saw from her patio.

Recently Marcella discovered a new digital technology that has allowed her to transfer her series of photographic panoramas of these vistas onto her sculptures, which now serve as “canvases” to reflect her unique viewpoint of Los Angeles.

A native of Chicago, Marcella Ruble is an artist and art historian. She has exhibited and sold her art and jewelry at galleries in Los Angeles, New York, Miami and Chicago. She took her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Sculpture at the University of Illinois and earned a Masters Degree from the Bard Graduate Center for Studies in Decorative Arts, Design and Material Culture.

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The Friends of Robinson Gardens "Sculpture for the 2013 Spirit of Beverly Hills Award honoree, Jeff Hyland"

Spirit of Beverly Hills Award Honoring Jeff Hyland

Marcella Ruble was commissioned to create a Ceramic Sculpture embellished with Photographic Decals representing Robinson Gardens which honors Jeff Hyland, the recepient of The Virginia Robinson (September 2013)

American Museum of Ceramic Art Collection "On A Clear Day in LA"

On A Clear Day in LA

The American Museum of Ceramic Art accessioned into their permanent collection a ceramic sculpture with photographic decals which Marcella Ruble made in 2012. (August 2013)

Beverly Hills' First Estate: The House and Gardens of Virginia and Harry Robinson

Beverly Hills' First EstateMarcella Ruble co-authored a book about an important historic property, "Beverly Hills First Estate: The House & Gardens of Virginia and Harry Robinson." 



Past Exhibition

Tit by Marcella Ruble July 31, 2014 - August 16, 2014
ForYourArt - 6020 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90036

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Marcella Ruble - Sites & Scenes of Los AngelesJanuary 1, 2013 - March 31, 2013

Marcella Ruble: Sites & Scenes of Los Angeles